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Catherine de Baillon Arms
Alternative Royal Gateway from Catherine de Baillon
to Charlemagne

René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, Gail F. Moreau, and Joseph Dubé

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Most of following information comes from a table we published in two of our articles and in our book, see the full citation listed at the end of the table.  We strongly recommend that you look at our published works for the generation-by-generation evidence we found.  We offer this alternative pathway to Charlemagne for those who might be uncomfortable with the lineage that goes through Beatrix de Vermandois. There is some controversy as to whether or not she is the daughter of Herbert I de Vernamdois and thus might not be a descendant of Charlemange. See Stewart Baldwin's analysis of this issue at the Henry Project. However, the Medeival Lands project continues to accept the lineage through Beatrix. The lineage here goes through the Counts of Holland rather than Beatrix.


Ascending Lineage from Catherine de Baillon to Charlemagne

  1. Catherine Baillon and Jacques Miville dit Deschênes, m. 12 November 1669, Notre-Dame de Québec.

  2. Alphonse Baillon, sieur of La Mascotterie, and Louise de Marle, m. ca. 1630/1640, region of Chevreuse (Yvelines) Île-de-France.

  3. Renée Maillard and Adam Baillon, seigneur of Valence, m. ca. 1580.

  4. Miles Maillard, seigneur of the Breuil and of La Boissière and Marie Morant, mc. 25 June 1555.

  5. Bénigne Le Bouteillier, dame of La Boissière and Jacques Maillard, seigneur of Champaigne, mc. 16 April 1516, Montivilliers (Seine-Maritime) Normandy.

  6. Jean Le Bouteillier, seigneur of La Bouteillerie, of Roquemont, of Vaux-sur-Orge, and of La Boissière, and Marie de Venois, m. ca. 1480/1490.

  7. Guy II Le Bouteillier, seigneur of La Bouteillerie and of La Roche-Guyon and Isabeau Morhier, m. ca. 1450.

  8. Catherine de Gavre d'Escornaix, dame of Vaux-sur-Orge and of La Boissière and Guy I Le Bouteillier, seigneur of La Bouteillerie and of La Roche-Guyon, m. after Apr. 1419, probably ca. 1425.

  9. Isabelle de Ghistelles and Arnould VI de Gavre, Baron of Escornaix, m. ca. 1380/1390.

  10. Roger de Ghistelles, seigneur of Dudzeele and of Straten, and Marguerite, dame of Dudzeele, m. in or a little before 1357.

  11. Jean IV, seigneur of Ghistelles, and Marie of Haverskerke, dame of Straten, m. a little after June 1337.

  12. Marguerite de Luxembourg and Jean III, seigneur of Ghistelles, m. between 1284 and before June 1289.

  13. Mathilde de Clèves and Gérard de Luxembourg, seigneur of Durbury, m. 1253.

  14. Elizabeth de Brabant and Thierry (or Dietrich) de Clèves, seigneur of Dinslaken, m. 19 mars 1233, Louvain (Brabant), modern-day Belgium.

  15. Maire de France and Henri I, Duke of Lorraine and Brabant, m. 22 Apr. 1213, Soissons (Aisne) Picardy.

  16. Philippe II Auguste, King of France, and Agnès of Merania (Andechs de Méranie), m. 1 June 1196.

  17. Louis VII the Young or the Pious, King of France, and Adèle of Blois and Champagne, m. 13 November 1160, Notre-Dame, Paris.

  18. Louis VI the Fat, King of France, and Adélaïde (or Alix) of Savoy, m. 1115.

  19. Philippe I, King of France, and Bertha of Holland, m. ca. 1072.

  20. Florent I, Count of Holland, and Gertrude of Saxony, m. ca. 1050.

  21. Dirk (or Dietrich) III, Count of Holland, and Othelendis of Nordmark.

  22. Arnulf, Count of West Friesland and Holland, and Liutgard of Luxembourg, m. ca. 980.

  23. Siegfried, Count in Moselgau (Ardennes), and Hedwig of Nordgau, m. ca. 955.

  24. Wigeric, Count of the Bidgau (Ardennes) and Count Palantine of Lotharingia, and Cunégonde, daughter of Ermentrude of France, m. ca. 907-909.

  25. Ermentrude, the daughter of the King of France, and —?—.

  26. Louis II the Stammerer, King of Neustria, King of Aquitaine, and King of France, and Ansgard, daughter of Count Harduin (Burgundy), m. March 862.

  27. Charles II the Bald, King of Neustria, King of the West Franks, King of (Western) Lorraine, King of Italy, and Emperor of the West, and Ermentrude of Orleans, m. 13 December 842, Quierzy (Aisne), Picardy.

  28. Louis I the Pious, King of Aquitaine and Emperor of the West, and Judith of Altorf (Bavaria), m. February 819.

  29. Charles I the Great, called Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West, and Hildegard of Vinzgau (Swabia), m. before 30 April 771, Aachen, modern-day Germany.

Sources: Generations 1 through 12 see René Jetté, John Patrick DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, Gail F. Moreau, and Joseph A. Dubé, Table d'ascendance de Catherine Baillon (12 générations) (Montréal: Société généalogique canadienne-française, 2001), passim.  Generations 13 through 16 see René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, and Gail F. Moreau, "From Catherine Baillon to Charlemagne," American-Canadian Genealogist 25, no. 4 (Fall 1999): 189-192.  Generation 15 through 19 see Douglas Richardson, Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial & Medieval Families, 5 vols., edited by Kimball G. Everingham (Salt Lake City, Utah: Douglas Richardson, 2013), 1:501, 3:19-26.  Generations 20 through 22 see Frederick Lewis Weis and Walter Lee Sheppard’s Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th ed. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2004), 104, lineage 100A, items 20-22.  Lastly, generations 23 through 29 see Richardson, Royal Ancestry, 5:483, 494, 503-504.

Three important points to remember: (1) the lineage between Catherine de Baillon and Philippe II Auguste, King of France, stands very much intact; (2) in our book we present two other lineages back to Charlemagne that are not problematic; and (3) there are many more ways that Catherine descends from Charlemagne than the ones we outline here and in our publications.

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