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Lascaris de Vintimille Royal Gateway

René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, Gail F. Moreau, and Joseph Dubé

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The following table shows the connection between Catherine de Baillon and the Byzantine Lascaris family through the Lascaris de Vintimille gateway that was published in our Table d'ascendance de Catherine Baillon (12 générations):


Ascending Lineage from Catherine de Baillon to Theodoros II Dukas Lascaris

  1. Catherine Baillon and Jacques Miville dit Deschênes, married 12 November 1669, Notre-Dame de Québec, New France. 

  2. Alphonse Baillon, sieur de La Mascotterie, and Louise de Marle, married around 1630/1640, Chevreuse region, Yvelines Department, France. 

  3. Mathurin de Marle, seigneur de Vaugien, de Ragonant, et de La Vacheresse, and Anne Bizet, married around 1610, Chevreuse region. 

  4. Jean Bizet, seigneur de Paponville (or Raponville), and Marguerite Chabot de Souville, married about 1570/1580. 

  5. Antoine Chabot (or Chabaud), sieur de La Fond, from Provence, and Catherine Lombart (or Lombard), marriage contract, 30 March 1554, Chappelain and Crucé, notaries, Paris. 

  6. Jean Chabaud, seigneur de Tourrettes, de Peillon, de La Roque St-André, et de Châteauneuf, and Louise (or Louisette) de Berre, married in 1519 in the region of Nice.  

  7. Pierre Chabaud, seigneur de Tourrettes, de Peillon, de La Roque St-André, et de Châteauneuf, and Baptistine de Lascaris de Vintimille, married around 1470/1480.

  8. Charles de Lascaris de Vintimille, co-seigneur de la Briga, and Jeannette Liti, dame de Bonson et de La Roquette du Var, married around 1430/1440. 

  9. Rainier de Lascaris de Vintimille, co-seigneur de la Briga, and Madeleine Grimaldi, married around 1400/1410. 

  10. Louis de Lascaris de Vintimille, seigneur de la Briga, and Tiburge Grimaldi de Bueil, married about 1370/1380. 

  11. Guillaume Pierre II de Lascaris de Vintimille, comte de Vintimille et de Tende, seigneur de Roquebrune et de la Briga, and an unnamed woman, married about 1330/1340. 

  12. Jean de Lascaris de Vintimille, comte de Vintimille et de Tende, and an unnamed woman, married around 1290/1300/1310. 

  13. Guillaume Pierre I de Lascaris de Vintimille, comte de Vintimille, seigneur de Tende, and Eudoxie Lascaris (Eudoxia Lascarina), married before the Winter of 1262 or in 1263.  

  14. Theodoros II Dukas Lascaris, vice-regent of Asia Minor in 1238, co-emperor in 1241, Roman emperor of the Orient at Nicea on 30 October 1254, crowned in 1255, and Hélène de Bulgaria, married in the Spring of 1235. 

Sources: Chabot (1982, 1: 127-128).  Geanakoplos (1959, 195-196 n. 23, 253 n. 94).  Maclagan (1975).  Struyf (1996?). In particular, interested readers should consult Jetté et al., Table d'ascendance de Catherine Baillon (12 générations) (2001).

From Theodoros Dukas Lascaris it is possible to trace back to several Byzantine imperial families and the royal and princely families of Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Jerusalem, Antioch, Kiev, England, Poland, Sweden, etc.  If you want to learn more about these ancestors, then we suggest you consult Brook (1981), Schwennicke (1978-), and Sturdza (1983).


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Struyf, Philippe.  1996?  "Les comtes de Vintimille, ou 'Des comtes de Vintimille aux Lascaris,' étude généalogique non terminée."   Typed manuscript, no publication information, about 46 pages.  Received as an attachment of an email from Marie-France Bru, 15 June 1998.  This manuscript genealogy is filled with interesting information.  Unfortunately, it is inadequately documented because it fails to cite sources for most of the data.  In general, it is in agreement with Chabot (1982) and other references we have been able to check.   Apparently, M. Struyf died before he could complete this work. 

Sturdza, Mihail Dimitri.  1983.  Grandes familles de Grèce, d'Albanie et de Constantinople.  Paris: N. p.

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